Hey All! Welcome to Blackberry Brothers' world! We love music in all its forms - we enjoy playing, singing, creating and listening to the music. We both discover new musical lands and relive forgotten ones. Sometimes it seems to be irrational and driven by total insanity but this is who we really are! We lose our hearts to emotional sounds, beautiful melodies and charming stories giving life to most sensational songs. Since spring 2015 Blackberry Brothers have played on most significant blues scenes in Poland and abroad (Rawa Blues Festival, Suwałki Blues Festival, Bies Czad Blues and Bluestracje Festival among others). May 2018 saw us releasing our debut album "Old Soul" which has been extremely well received not only by reviewers but also by Polish and foreign music lovers. We were also immensely honoured to learn that in annual "Twój Blues" (ang. Your Blues) magazine survey its readers granted us "Odkrycie Roku" (ang. Discovery of the Year) award. We are definitely not slowing down nor shifting our chosen course of action so please keep your fingers crossed for us and see you at our gigs!

Krzysiek Borodziuk - keyboard instruments
Bartek Jeżyna - guitars
Kuba Jeżyna - guitars
Hubert Kot - bass guitar
Krystian Kot - drums
Mat Polański - vocal

They create authorial and coherent repertoire excelling at their mellow sound. (...) sextet from Oleśnica consistently refine all elements of their work from album sleeve layout to booklet. Blackberry Brothers compose their music in intelligent way known only to them. It is like drinking finest wine, you sip it slowly appreciating more and more distinctive flavours.
Ryszard Gloger, Kwartalnik Twój Blues

Since their very first album Blackberry Brothers have offered stylish music which combines fresh sound and deep respect towards maestros at the same time. "Old Soul" gains in value with every sitting - the more you listen to it, the more melodies and intricacies you discover even if you might have missed them first.
Robert Filipowski, Teraz Rock

The most intriguing Polish band I have heard in recent years. Blackberry Brothers are especially close to my heart since they conquer territories unknown to the others. (...) This is not yet another amateurish "blues-rock" group you have seen plenty of. They are a Band. A Monolith. (...) And this is MUSIC. Pervasive MUSIC you get swallowed by and get addicted to. Takes you to the place you never want to return from. Oh, it is sheer MUSIC! I easily put "Old Soul" on a par with Gov't Mule's, Little Feat's or Brother Hawk's albums.
Paweł Michaliszyn, Radio Centrum Kalisz

As Blackberry Brothers draw much of their inspiration from Gov't Mule, Allman Brothers or Derek Trucks, their compositions blend rich and heavy guitars, spare but efficient keys and first class arrangements wrapped up in vintage psychedelic accents. If you add in deep vocal which is perfectly crafted for rock music from the 70s, you get few mighty tunes like "Dusty Road", "Raise Me", "List of Needs", "One More Bird" or "Sweets for Cannibals" (...). ZICAZIC.COM France

It is within the proven magnitude of rock and roll's powers to kindle twin flames in disparate lands and acquaint spirits across time divided. And so it is that for 40 minutes Oleśnica and Jacksonville are a sonic singularity, 2018 and 1974 acoustic kin. As per the virtues of Blackberry Brothers' sweet 'n' smooth, old southern blues. Favorite track: Raise Me. Mike O'Sullivan, Ireland